Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys

A large wrench bounced hard at the feet of a young Groundman who was clearly frustrated with the Lineman above who threw it. The sun beat down on the job site as profanity echoed through the desert from both elevations. The rest of the crew tried hard to continue their tasks, full aware of the additional hazards of the job. It was very clear that on this day — and likely for several more, the two hated each other.

“COME DOWN FROM THERE, I DARE YA!” Screamed the stocky Grunt who meant every word of it, now holding the weapon so generously furnished from his enemy above. More words were exchanged, most far too offensive to repeat.

The Foreman who had seen just about everything in his years, had seen enough. He quietly packed up the job site and loaded the rest of the crew in his truck, the Lineman still held hostage up the pole.

The showdown didn't pause for the two to notice until the Foreman’s truck started to roll away. The boss opened his door and chucked the keys to the one remaining vehicle as far as he could into the sagebrush, " Figure it out, kids!! Daddy’s got shit to do!”

We will never know how this one turned out. Hell, for all we know the two are still there having it out.

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